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Our Background

Source Of Success Company which is established in 2018 in Iraq, is indeed consensus of experienced Technical and Commercial team who have been active in the field of food ingredients and relevant industries for more than 20 years. Through this professional team, across worldwide very recent knowledge and skills have been discovered, studied if can be locally applied and generously transferred to manufacturers to upgrade their products’ quality and know how. To support Iraq as well as Syria and other Arabian countries also Africa, Source Of Success has been born in this region to supply high quality ingredients as well as high level of technical supports by hiring most well-known and experienced experts.

Our Products

Exploiting internal and external expert consultants, Source of Success Company is able to take valuable steps towards its goals in the dairy field. This has made us one of the most scientific and innovative suppliers among the others.
In order to enhance the quality of dairy products, the company provides below ingredients:


Specialists In Providing Best Food Ingredients

Our Mission is to develop a learning and teaching organization for transferring knowhow as well as technical consultation and then providing food producers with specific food ingredients from pioneer international companies in order to continual quality improvement of food industry in Middle East region.

Our Vision

From SOURCE OF SUCCESS sight consuming safe and high quality foods is a certain right for all people around the world specially people from this ancient region and in order to fulfill this target we will do our best to step ahead by identifying the best ingredients as well as their well-known international suppliers and then introduce them to local food producers and by this method increase the quality of finished products.

Trusted Suppliers

Studying food manufacturers’ requirements regarding food ingredients, Source of Success Company has arranged to receive exclusive agency from international genuine producers to supply a wide range of unique effective additives, especially in Dairy industries.
Some more considerable relevant supplying companies can be listed as below:

  • BDF (of the Spain): TransGlutaminase and Functional Blends.
  • Nactis (of France): Flavors
  • Breatec (of the Netherlands): Baking enzymes and Emulsifiers;
  • Ingredion (of Germany): Hydrocolloids and modified starches

In addition of the above we are able to supply our clients demand from other European and Asian companies’ products observing our policy as the utmost quality besides the appropriate price.

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